The Salt Road book

The Salt Road


Azalaï is the name given by the Tuaregs to these mythical camel caravans that have been crossing the desert for centuries. Today, with the arrival of 4×4, traditional caravans gradually disappear because less profitable. Since 2012, due to political instability, Timbuktu has seen its tourism and economy drop. Many families depend on the salt industry to live and despite the dangers of the Sahara and fighting between armed groups and government forces, the miners continue to go to the mines of Taoudeni, 750km to the north, to dig up this that we call there the white gold. Six months of work between October and March, far from their family, far from what is called civilization and the comfort it brings.

This book traces my journey alongside caravans and shows the different aspects of life in the desert.

This work was rewarded by the CNAP 2017 Grant for Documentary photography.